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Introduction to Trainer Skills (C&G 7300)

Thu 04 Jun, 2020 - Fri 05 Jun, 2020
09:30 - 16:30
WS Training Limited, Manor Barn, Church Road, Great Barton, Suffolk, IP31 2QR, WS Training Limited, Manor Barn, Church Road, Great Barton, Suffolk, IP31 2QR

Course Title: Introduction to Trainer Skills (7300)


Course Content:


This course is designed to enable delegates to develop a range of participative techniques, increasing confidence by equipping them with the skills to deliver training sessions.


Course Aims:

The City & Guilds Introduction to Trainer Skills (7300) provides participants with a sound introduction to the concepts of a systematic approach to training. It’s an intensive course, designed to be delivered over two days, and is ideal for those who train others in organisations


Entry requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this course


Course Objectives:

·        Recognised the importance of building rapport

·        Set training objectives and determined the appropriate strategy to meet them

·        Practised essential communication skills

·        Planned and sequenced a training event

·        Developed a personal action plan


Course content:

The course is based on the training cycle, covering:

·        Planning (including session planning)

·        Delivery (participants will deliver a 10 or 15 minute ‘session’ that they have planned; centres should decide the length, depending on time available and size of group)

·        Evaluation (self, peer group and course evaluation)

The course also covers:

·        Setting ground rules

·        Use of icebreakers

·        The learning environment

·        Training resources

·        Gaining and maintaining attention

·        Motivation

·        Assessment



Each participant must deliver a 10 or 15 minute training session, and take a multiple choice quiz on day two. Each session must be observed by the tutor. The group should agree whether to deliver sessions of 10 or 15 minutes. Where a cohort is large, a centre may use its discretion to limit the sessions to 10 minutes in order to ensure the course can be completed in the time available.  Both of these assessments are marked as either pass or fail.


Duration:  Two Days

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