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Fire Marshals Briefing

Tue 28 Jan, 2020
09:00 - 12:30
WS Training Limited, Manor Barn, Church Road, Great Barton, Suffolk, IP31 2QR, WS Training Limited, Manor Barn, Church Road, Great Barton, Suffolk, IP31 2QR


Course Title: Fire Marshals - Fire Safety Awareness (including practical extinguisher use)


Course Overview:


This course is suitable for those who have the responsibility of coordinating and ensuring implementation of the organisations fire prevention and evacuation procedures.


Course Objectives:


  • Reviewed fire regulations and the Fire Safety Order 2005
  • Understand the role of a fire marshal
  • Reviewed methods of fire prevention
  • Understood evacuation procedures
  • Safely put out a live fire scenario


Course Content (Theory):


  • Fire law (in brief)
  • The Threat of Fire
  • Chemistry of Fire
  • Fire Behaviour
  • Fire Action Routines
  • Fire Extinguishers (Types / Classifications / Colour Coding Standards / Correct Application / Capabilities & Limitations)
  • Fire Marshal Responsibilities
  • Human behavioural factors
  • Assessing Fire Risk
  • Spotting and Reporting Hazards
  • First Aid Fire Fighting
  • Ensuring Full and Safe Evacuation


Course Content (Practical):


·        Health and Safety briefing

·        Fire Action Routines

·        Use of Water Extinguisher on a waste fire bin

·        Use of Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers on a computer fire

·        Demonstration of Foam Fire Extinguisher on a simulated liquid fire

·        Demonstration of a Fire Blanket on a chip pan or microwave fire (weather permitting)

·         Demonstration of Powder Fire Extinguishers (to be included within PPT as video)


Duration:  Half Day (3 hours)

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