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Excellence in Customer Care

Tue 10 Mar, 2020
09:30 - 16:30
WS Training Limited, Manor Barn, Church Road, Great Barton, Suffolk, IP31 2QR, WS Training Limited, Manor Barn, Church Road, Great Barton, Suffolk, IP31 2QR
Excellence in Customer Care


Course Title: Excellence in Customer Care


Course Overview:


You as frontline members of staff need to have the confidence and the ability to deal with enquiries and complaints professionally and effectively, resulting in satisfied customers.  Remember a quiet customer is not necessarily a satisfied one!


Course Objectives:


·        Developed a clear understanding of the importance of looking at Customer Service from the customers view point

·        Developed the necessary skills to enable them to effectively deal with various scenarios

·        Recognised the challenges facing them

·        Understood the essential elements of good customer satisfaction

·        Identified key ‘meet & greet’ statements

·        Developed a personal action plan


Course Content:


·        Introduction

- Course and Delegates Objectives

- Review of Current Initiatives and Challenges faced by Participants

·        Professional Behaviour

- Who are your Customers?

- What is the Definition of Customer Satisfaction?

- What is Unprofessional Behaviour?

·        Professional Telephone Behaviour

- What to Say and How to Say It

- What Not to Say

·        Customer Services

- What Is It Really Like

- The Different Expectations of Various Types of Customers

- Dealing with Internal Customers – Colleagues are Customers too!

- How to Measure Customer Service

·        Dealing with the Difficult Customer

- Identifying What Makes an Angry Customer

- It’s Not the Problem it’s the Solution that Counts

- Turning Difficult Situations Around

- Diffusing Anger

- Assertive Behaviour


Duration:  One Day

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