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Coaching and Mentoring

Wed 18 Mar, 2020
09:30 - 16:30
WS Training Limited, IP City Centre, Bath Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 8SD, WS Training Limited, IP City Centre, Bath Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 8SD
Coaching and Mentoring

Course Title: Coaching & Mentoring



Course Overview:


Today’s organisations feature fewer management layers and emphasis on individual responsibility.  Successful delegation and empowerment relies on effective coaching.  This course focuses on the methods by which managers develop the performance of individuals in their team.  It looks at the two main types of coaching and provides opportunities for managers to apply them.  The course also defines and makes the case for mentoring, which focuses on longer-term career development; helps improve leadership development and the retention of key staff.  There is a strong relationship between coaching and mentoring and many of the skills required are common to both.  The course entails considerable role play and other practical work to provide delegates with an accurate experience of the skills involved.


Course Objectives:


·        Coaching to improve individual performance

·        The relationship between coaching and other performance management techniques

·        The key coaching styles (input and output)

·        The coaching process and skills

·        The role of the mentor and mentoring programmes



Course Content:


·        Coaching styles:

-  Input and output coaching

-  Coaching in the context of other performance development techniques

-  Applications for coaching

-  Measuring results

·        Coaching process:

-  A coaching model

-  Development empathy

-  Questioning techniques

-  Putting coaching into practice

·        Mentoring:

-  Structuring a mentoring programme to give benefits to the company and individual involved

-  Who needs mentoring and who makes a good mentor

-  Responsibilities, skills and overcoming problems

-  Defining and developing the mentoring relationship




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