Suffolk Business Women Objectives


Suffolk Business Women (SBW) exists to inspire, encourage and support business women. In 2017, the SBW board has identified key objectives that are central to promoting gender equality for the benefit of all businesses in Suffolk, to ensure a diverse and robust economy.

To inspire change, the Suffolk Business Women Board seeks to:

  1. Encourage greater opportunities for women to join executive and non-executive boards across Suffolk.

    a) Increase female participation on all Suffolk boards from 14% in 2016 to 26.1% in 2020.

    b) Increase female participation on Suffolk Chamber and town boards to a minimum of 26.1% by 2018

  2. Identify and promote female role models to inspire the next generation of men and women working in Suffolk

    a) Highlight and showcase positive female figures in Suffolk through Chamber promotional channels to build a case for inclusion in regional media

  3. Create Agile businesses in Suffolk to ensure economic and social growth

    a) Highlight how Suffolk Businesses can become more Agile, promote agility and good employers creating an Agile company culture

  4. Encourage the increase in inclusive leaders in Suffolk businesses

    a) Identify mentoring and training partnerships/opportunities to encourage inclusive leadership amongst our SBW members and form an action plan by 2018