Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has grown to become the largest independent private sector forum in the county.

We are active in addressing local business concerns and barriers to business success. Amongst the barriers highlighted is business knowledge, and in particular support for start-up companies.

Suffolk b2b Mentoring is a scheme created to build confidence and overcome the barriers faced by local businesses.
  • Mentoring is an effective personal development and empowerment tool and it’s a successful way of helping people to progress in their business.  It is a partnership between two people and is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect
  • A mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and who can help them to develop solutions to their business issues. Mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee and an understanding of their issues
  • We want to provide additional support in providing participants with start-up businesses the opportunity to be paired up with an existing Suffolk Chamber member under our Suffolk Chamber mentoring scheme
Mentoring isn’t just a one way street, it’s very much a ‘win win’ situation as both parties benefit from the new business relationship in many ways.

Suffolk b2b Mentoring structure

  • Information pack sent to both mentor and mentee
  • Initial face to face meeting held between mentor and mentee
  • Mentor carries out a full review of business to understand its workings
  • Agree scope for relationship.  Mentee sets specific achievable targets and timetable
  • Mentee has access to mentors network of contacts and expertise
  • Relationship can be terminated by either party when they consider it has run its course
  • Relationship lasts for a minimum of 3 months but if both parties agree a longer timetable, then it would be up to both parties to discuss a chargeable fee

If you would be interested in becoming a Chamber Mentor or Mentee, please contact our business development team 01473 680600 or 01284 700800