Emotional Wellbeing

Don’t sleep on the job – sleep to do the job better!

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is urging local businesses to encourage their staff to get more sleep, boosting their emotional wellbeing and productivity at work.

Earlier in the year, Suffolk Chamber teamed up with Public Health Suffolk to improve how businesses support their staff. The Chamber has set up an online resource on its website aimed at providing Suffolk organisations with a definitive list of issues which affect health and wellbeing and the support available to help address them.

Underpinning this campaign is Public Health Suffolk’s Five Ways to Wellbeing https://www.healthysuffolk.org.uk/projects/5-ways-to-wellbeing which provides general ideas as to how we can all boost our mental and physical strength. 

In April the campaign focusses upon boosting workers’ emotional wellbeing.

Being in good mental health brings resilience to cope with difficulties, enjoy good relationships with others, and an ability to think clearly. It can also help when it comes to participating in decision-making, having a positive outlook with a sense of control and self-efficacy.

Poor physical health, long-term conditions and disabilities are risk factors for poor mental health. Preventing, treating and managing physical conditions also means improving mental health and wellbeing.

Reduced wellbeing has a greater impact on someone’s ability to work than any other group of disorders. 40 per cent of absenteeism is mental health related, before even considering the link between mental and physical health, and the number of workers who are present but functioning at reduced capacity.

The single biggest contributor to living better is: better sleep! For a more detailed account of the link between a good night’s sleep, and a positive day’s work, look no further than this Public Health Matters blog, and its link to the new sleep toolkit from Business in the Community.

John Dugmore, chief executive of Suffolk Chamber said “there have been numerous studies in recent months which suggest that British adults are not getting enough sleep. This has a direct impact on their mental and physical wellbeing both at home and in the workplace. We hope that local businesses will help support the basic message of this month’s campaign: Don’t sleep on the job – sleep to do the job better!”

Suffolk Chamber and Public Health Suffolk are encouraging Suffolk businesses to share their answers on their social media channels to the question: “How do you ensure your staff are getting enough sleep?” by using the hashtag #HealthyWorkplaces.

Public Health Suffolk has produced a useful list of emotional wellbeing resources here. Some of the key ones, for ease of reference are: