Suffolk Chamber Business Plan

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is mid-way through delivering its 2016/18 Business Plan.

Whilst this Plan provides the key compass directions for Suffolk Chamber’s many activities for both its members and the wider business community, in line with best practice we have produced an updated Plan specifically for 2017.

This 2017 Plan allows us to review the progress we are making towards achieving the objectives enshrined in the longer-plan, especially against our four key ‘pillars’:

  • Policy, lobbying and representation

  • Business support and advice

  • International trade

  • Skills agenda

The 2017 Plan is also informed by the very many macro-factors that are either already having an impact or are likely to do so on Suffolk Chamber’s business model and indeed on its membership. These include Brexit, the increased focus on international trade, the emerging Government Industrial Strategy and the future of devolution, as well as the increasing number of opportunities for private and public sector partnership working involving the Chamber.

As such, your Chamber is using this year to consolidate and reflect upon the likely impact of these factors. We are doing this to ensure that the business’s resources, staffing numbers and expertise are properly aligned to take maximum advantage of what lies ahead, whilst balancing that against the need for members to be able to extract maximum value from their membership.

Please do take a moment to look at our summarised 2017 Business Plan. It is, after all, your plan for your Chamber. If you have any questions on the plan, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Dugmore
Chief Executive, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce