Suffolk Chamber Business Plan

Our Business Plan provides the key compass directions for Suffolk Chamber’s many activities for both its members and the wider business community over the three years to 2021.

This 2019/21 Plan focuses upon our four key ‘pillars’:

  • Policy, lobbying and representation

  • Business support and advice

  • International trade

  • Skills agenda

Although Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is primarily a membership organisation, our remit is broader again as we are the voice of all businesses across the county. That is why we are very transparent about our plans for the future. A key cornerstone of those plans is contained within our rolling three-year business plan.

Please do take a moment to look at our summarised 2019/21 Business Plan. It is, after all, your plan for your Chamber. If you have any questions on the plan, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Dugmore
Chief Executive, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce