Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Lodges Objection to Plans to Pedestrianise Town’s High Street

Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Lodges Objection to Plans to Pedestrianise Town’s High Street

15 Mar 2012

Haverhill Chamber of Commerce has officially objected to plans to pedestrianise the High Street after canvassing views of retailers in the town who have signed a letter against the proposals.

The Chamber, which exists to represent the voice of Haverhill’s business community, believes that the plans will seriously impact on the retailers of the town who are already challenged by the current economic climate.

The Chamber has gathered together a group, which includes most of the traders and businesses on the High Street (both members and non-members), who are affected by the proposal and written to Suffolk County Council on their behalf. More than 40 traders and businesses have signed the letter.

Sarah Howard, Chairman of Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, said: “After canvassing views from retailers in the town centre, the Chamber fully understands the difficulties that full pedestrianisation will bring to businesses on the High Street.

“We broadly agree that the current excessive use of the High Street by cars cannot carry on. However, many businesses could not operate effectively with complete lack of access. We have several very workable suggestions to put to the County Council and have invited them to meet with us to discuss them.”

Members of the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce attended today’s (15 March) Haverhill Area Working Party meeting at Castle Manor Business & Enterprise College where the plans were discussed.


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