Skills & Training


Suffolk Chamber of Commerce looks to support the skills agenda by working with local business and the public sector. Below is a number of ways we are actively engaged in the skills agenda: 

Kickstart Scheme

Kickstart is a national programme designed by the Department for Work & Pensions to provide six-month employment placements for 16-24s on Universal Credit to assist them in gaining the skills and experience they need to succeed in the future. The scheme provides funding to cover the wages of each placement (equivalent of up to 25 hours a week of national minimum wage) as well as extra funding to help support the development of the young person. Find out more here.

Young Chamber

Young Chamber is a member offer for schools from the Accredited Chambers of Commerce in the UK. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between businesses and education. 

Young Chamber provides a range of different ways in which Chambers of Commerce can help schools and colleges tap into the knowledge, skills and experience that local businesses can provide students for them to succeed in the world of work. 


Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is a strong supporter of Apprenticeships as a key way of introducing school and college-leavers to the world of work in a structured manner, combining on-the-job training and appropriate study opportunities.

Apprenticeships Suffolk aim to promote the growth of apprenticeships by supporting the engagement of all interested parties through information and guidance on subjects such as: funding, including the apprenticeship levy; finding the right training; how the 20% off the job works; guidance on End Point Assessment; understanding expectations and apprenticeships in general.

Whether you are an employer looking for impartial advice on how to access apprenticeships, an individual looking for an apprenticeship opportunity, a parent/carer, provider or school there are links to sites and documents, including FAQs, which should answer many of the questions you may have.

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New Anglia LEP - Skills Advisory Panel

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce works closely with New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in supporting its skills agenda. 

Creating jobs is a key priority for New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. Hand in hand with that objective is the need to have a highly skilled and motivated regional workforce. New Anglia LEP, through the New Anglia Skills Advisory Panel, brings together business, education, sector specialists, and policymakers to help steer the skills agenda in Norfolk and Suffolk and build on the good work being undertaken by all partners. 

Further information can be found here:

Recruit, Inspire, and develop your workforce

As a key partner, Suffolk County Council have a dedicated skills team working to promote businesses, inspire the next generation, and invest in skills and training to support the local and national economy.

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Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival

Suffolk Chamber is proud to be a strategic partner to the Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival, the county's largest employee-led event.

The festival aims to inform and support young people in:

  • Meeting local and national employers

  • Making more informed decisions about their next stage of  education and/or employment

  • Finding out more about the world of work and the broad range of opportunities available in Suffolk and beyond

In Suffolk we have some fantastic opportunities for employment across a range of burgeoning industry sectors. By bringing together employers, schools, colleges and training providers, the Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival offers young people the chance to work out which careers are of interest to them and match their strengths, then find out the best route to get the right skills for the job. Schools, Colleges and universities are invited to bring groups of students to the event, any age is welcome to 'drop in' from the age of 11+ entry to the event is free and schools and colleges can claim a subsidy towards transport, if eligible. Individuals are invited to ‘drop-in’ throughout the day - there's no need to pre-register!

The next Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 12 October 2022. If you are a business or secondary education setting wishing to take part please contact

SFEDI: Professional Qualifications and Awards for enterprises and those who support them

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Academy (IOEE) and a Small Firms development initiative (SFEDI) approved Center.

This means we can deliver professional enterprise qualifications from level one to seven.

It could be an entrepreneur needing the toolbox to start a business or a support professional providing advice and guidance to help a business grow.

The Chamber can provide recognition at the highest level or take you through a learning journey to achieve this status through SFEDI qualifications.

About SFEDI and IOEE

Widely recognised as the pre requisite standard for enterprise and professional enterprise support SFEDI Awards was founded in 2007 creating the first dedicated Awarding Organisation specialising in business enterprise and business support, SFEDI Awards recognises all those who invest in enterprise learning and development.

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs was founded in 2010 and is the professional body for business enterprise and business support professionals.

Shaping the Business Leaders of tomorrow

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has the unique privilege to be a nationally approved End Point Assessment organisation for Management Apprenticeships from supervisory to operational to senior leaders at levels three to seven.

What is end point assessment, when an apprentice finishes their apprenticeship it’s not the training provider who conducts the final assessment, it is now the employer’s choice as to who they choose to carry out this final independent assessment, which is the end point of the apprenticeship leading to the qualification.

This is when they can choose the Chamber to conduct this crucial final stage of an apprentice’s journey and qualification.

A lot of higher-level apprentices undertake their apprenticeship alongside an academic qualification such as a degree, giving them the knowledge and then providing the practical application through the apprenticeship, and being recognised through successful assessment via the Chamber as an End Point assessment organisation.

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