Sizewell C Supply Chain

CGI of the proposed Sizewell C Nuclear power station

Sizewell C Supply Chain

Plans to build Sizewell C, a multi-million-pound nuclear power station proposed for the Suffolk coast, have reached an important milestone as they enter the examination phase of the planning process.

Over the next six months (from April 2021) a panel, commissioned by the Government, will consider all relevant issues surrounding the plans. This includes changes to the original Development Consent Order application to accommodate local feedback in favour of the increased use of road and rail for deliveries to site.

As part of its procurement strategy for Sizewell C, EDF Energy has partnered with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to identify and support local businesses that want to become part of the supply chain.

Suffolk Chamber’s Sizewell C Supply Chain Team is the first point of contact for business and agencies wishing to engage in the project. The website forms the central resource for all Suffolk businesses who wish to make the most of the opportunities arising out of the development.

The scope of the project is vast, with opportunities for diverse local companies to get involved, covering everything from concrete to catering, metal fabrication, transport and landscaping. Please see below for a full list.

Sizewell C Supplier Categories

  • Building works on site

  • C & I Installation on-site

  • C & I components off-site

  • Catering

  • Civil & building supplies

  • Civil works on-site

  • Commercial property

  • Construction services

  • Electrical components- off site

  • Electrical works on-site

  • Environmental

  • Leisure and home services

  • Mechanical works off-site

  • Mechanical works on site

  • Professional & technical services

  • Service suppliers –Hard services

  • Service suppliers – Soft services 

  • Training services

  • Transport & logistics. 

To find out more about the Sizewell C Supply chain and to register your business. Click here